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Childrens Charities Membership

Childrens Charities Membership

Viking Charities membership-picture of Viking Members at Santa Monica hangar for food baskets.Membership in the Vikings is by invitation and sponsorship. A new Viking applicant is sponsored by a Viking in good standing. The Sponsor is responsible for the new applicant’s active committee participation as well as other Viking events during the first year of Membership. All Vikings participate in special events throughout the year. New Vikings serve on at least one committee their first year: committee assignments are made by the Chief. New Vikings pack Christmas food boxes and serve as volunteers at the annual children’s Christmas party: all Vikings are required to purchase at least one or more Christmas baskets each year. There are yearly Membership dues. Vikings meet monthly at the Jonathan Club in Los Angeles.

New Member applications are given to the Membership Committee for processing. The applicant is informed of the Vikings goals and what is expected of new Members. Applicants must attend at least two Viking functions per year, one of which one must be a regular meeting. Members of the Membership Committee typically meet each new applicant during these functions to get acquainted.

The Membership Committee then recommends acceptance of new applicants to the Chief for final approval. Typically, initiation of new Vikings is held quarterly. Announcements are made to all Vikings as to the time and date of the meeting when new Vikings will be formally initiated. For more information, please contact one of our Viking Charities Administrators or Viking Charities primary contact for Membership- Don Romley, Chief- Email: dromley@cox.net; Phone: 602-418-9022

To begin your Membership process, please complete the application below. You will then be contacted by our staff. Thank you.

Viking Charities Online Membership Application
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I fully understand the obligations of a true Viking: Charity, Attendance and Good Fellowship. I have been fully advised of the Viking Bylaws and my responsibilities by my Sponsor.


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