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Christmas party with the kids at Petersen Automotive Museum-thanks Bob!

Christmas party with the kids at Petersen Automotive Museum-thanks Bob!

Viking Charities are a rare charitable group that donates more money to local Los Angeles children’s charities than is brought in from outside donations. Viking Charities is the Southland’s leading charity for disadvantaged children. The Viking Charity Fund Inc. is chartered and organized under the State of California. It is a non-profit, 501.(c)3

This is possible because Viking Charities also raise money through club functions and annual dues. There are no salaries paid to Members or Administrators. Effort, time, expense donation: everything is done by Viking Charities Members who step into the ring and volunteer. So, if you want 100% of your donation along with donations from Viking Charities Members, this is an ideal vehicle to serve your kindness, generosity and commitment to our local community.


Join Viking Charities

Why join Viking Charities?

Viking-Food-Packing-5-groupThere is a very simple, clear motive behind why people join Viking Charities. The Vikings started as a group of successful businessmen who wanted to be able to give-back to the local community who helped them in their success. If you share the ideal of giving back to the community that supports you, you are an ideal candidate with the right motive. It’s time for you to join and become a Member of Viking Charities. Viking Charities represent a unique and long standing Los Angeles tradition of camaraderie and community support. We have fun, support one another and bring happiness to the lives of physically challenged and disadvantaged children. We are the Southland’s leading charity for disadvantaged children. Check out our online Membership Application.


Viking Supported Charity

Why Become a Viking Supported Charity?

Viking-Food-Packing-father-3girlsOur by-laws, inspired by our founding philosophy directs our organization to support children’s charities within our local community. Volunteering or donating to national charities, while commendable makes it is more than likely that your efforts may not remain in your community. In addition, in many cases donations are parsed with some per cent going to the charity with balances going to salaries and other administrative overhead.  In our case, 100% donation goes to local charity by local community members.

The Vikings started this donation procedure in 1950. Since that time, we have donated over five million dollars; all to local children’s charities. Below is a partial list of charities we have supported.

Activities for Retarded Children, Beverly Hills YMCA, Catholic Big Brothers, Child Help USA, Children’s Christmas Party, Children’s Summer Party, Children’s Hospital, Citrus College Singers, Dental Hygiene SFV, East Los Angeles YMCA, Friends of Children Public Council, Hollygrove Children’s Orphanage, Hollywood YMCA, House Ear Institute, Jeffrey Foundation, Kedren Community Health Center, LARC (LA Retarded Children), Las Florista, Los Angeles Heart Institute, MDA, Maryvale LA Orphanage, Roto Gravure, Normandy Avenue School, North Point, Pacific Lodge Home, Pediatric Aids Foundation, Red Cross Blood Bank, Santa Monica Boys Project, Santa Monica Family YMCA, Sheriffs East LA Youth, Sheriff’s Firestone League, Sheriffs Youth Foundation (Lennox), Shriner’s, St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital Dentals, Westchester Y-Men,West LAPD Children’s Fund, Christmas Food



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