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About Viking Charities

About Viking Charities

Scandia on the Sunset Strip: founding home of Viking Charities

Scandia on the Sunset Strip: founding home of Viking Charities

Viking Charities was founded in Los Angeles in 1950. The goal of Viking Charities is to bring happiness to the lives of physically challenged and disadvantaged children. Viking Charities is the Southland’s leading charity for disadvantaged children. The Viking Charity Fund Inc. is chartered and organized under the State of California. It is a non-profit, 501.(c)3 organization. Since its inception, the Vikings have raised more than five million dollars for children’s causes and in conjunction with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, LAPD, Members and Volunteers, each Christmas put together and distribute approximately 1,500 food baskets to needy families.


Over fifty years ago Norm Anderson, Sheriff Peter Pitchess, a group of Scandinavians and other like-minded folks gathered at the Sam Amundsen’s Finlandia Finnish Baths in the basement of the old Bing Crosby building on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. It was a place to get a steam, rub-down and a wrap. In the early days it was also a place to hear the talk of the town and rub elbows with celebrities like the Crosby brothers, Kirk Douglas, Humphrey Bogart, Cornel Wilde, Tony Curtis and Hugh O’Brien.  After these treatments, refreshments were provided from across the street at Ken Hansen’s famous Scandia Restaurant.

It was during these gatherings that the idea for the Vikings was conceived. Lynn Howard was our first Chief, Everett Crosby was Vice-Chief and Ken Hansen, the owner of Scandia was the Meister. Our official launch was grand and glorious: Sheriff Peter Pitchess arranged to close down the most prominent part of the Sunset Strip for a two-block parade. A horse-drawn wagon provided transportation for a traditional accordion player, piano and famed tenor-Lauritz Melchior. The Vikings became one of Los Angeles most popular social groups. Much of the credit for the early success was publicity by Dick Whittinghill, one of Los Angeles’ s most prominent morning DJ’s at KMPC Radio and one LA’s most notable TV news anchors- Jerry Dunphy. Adding to the buzz of The Vikings were famous and prominent celebrity members including: General Jimmy Doolittle, Nipsey Russell, Tom Harmon, Broderick Crawford, Barry Goldwater and Walter Cronkite.

Vikings Charitable Tradition

The Vikings realized early on that there should be “more” to their tradition and that more would be found in acts of giving; giving to the most vulnerable and needy in the local community; kids. That call to action created, ‘Viking Charities.’

That tradition of giving continues today; over 65 years later. Fund Raising and Giving includes events such as:

  • Packing Christmas baskets.
  • A formal Christmas Ball
  • The Christmas Lunch
  • A Summer Party
  • The annual Children’s Christmas Party for 300 children at Alpine Village.
  • The annual pilgrimage to Solvang
  • The Annual Bill Campbell Golf Tourney

All events are open to all Vikings, spouses and guests. Lunches are still at noon on the last Monday of each month.

Viking Charities represent a unique and long standing Los Angeles tradition of camaraderie and community support. If you would like to become a part of The Vikings as a cause we support, a Member or Donor please contact us.

We Are

Viking Charities is a social network of professionals who give to the community.

-Graduate, Julliard School of Music
-Hotel Director
-Golf Equipment Sales
-Mechanical Engineer
-US Navy Retired
-Industrial Real Estate
-Pres., Brd. Chr.-Boy Scouts LA Area
-Insurance Services
-Founder, Swedish Am. Chamber of Commerce

-Prof., US Bus. and Applied Clinical Psychology
-Law Firm Partner
-Mjr. Gen., USAF-Cmdr. AF Flight Test Center
-Attorney at Law
-LA Sheriff’s Dept.
-Parole Officer
-Airline Pilot
-Trustee US Bankruptcy Court
-Hearing Officer State Board of Equalization
-Past Chief, Noble Vikings of O.C.
-USC Grad
-Financial Advisor
-Financial Services
-Grad. USC, NFL Players Assoc.
-UCLA School of Law
-Health Underwriter
-45 Combat Missions in a B-24 WWII
-Entertainment Publicity Major Studio
-Past Pres., Marina Del Rey Chamber of Commerce
-US Army Ret.
-PhD. UCLA/Seton Hall Board Certified Psychologist
-Attorney at Law
-Business CPA
-VP Finance and Controller
-Wealth Management
-Big Game Hunter
-Telecom Consultant
-Advertising Agency Owner
-Aerospace Engineer
-Regulations, Compliance and Ins. Officer
-Computer Software

Organizational Info

Los Angeles Viking Charities
EIN: 26-1316464


Donations C/O Barry Lloyd, Secretary
16781 Weyburn Ave.
Yorba Linda, CA 92886
Phone: 714-812-3484
Email: itldew@me.com

Admin Contact

Gregg Elliott, Chief
Phone: 310-401-4112
Email: gregg.elliott@theelliottco.com


How long have Viking Charities been around? ?

Since the 1950's.

Are you a 501.(c)3 Charitable Organization ?


How to you collect funds?

We work with donations and put on fundraising events.

How much of what you raise goes to charity?

100%. All donations go directly to programs to help disadvantaged children and their families. Donations are tax deductible. Administrative costs are paid by Membership dues.

What Charities do you support?

We support approximately 10 local Los Angeles area charities. Some are listed on the website here.

How can I help?

Contact us to become a Donator and or Volunteer.


LAPD Certificate of Appreciation


Donations C/O Barry Lloyd, Secretary
16781 Weyburn Ave.
Yorba Linda, CA 92886
Phone: 714-812-3484
Email: itldew@me.com


Viking Charities

EIN: 26-1316464